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Etobicoke, ON

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Re: World IPv6 Day

said by InvalidError:

On cable, sure. On DSL, PPPoE can tunnel IPv6 just as well as IPv4 without any intervention from the telephone company, only thing required is a 3rd-party ISP that supports PPPoE-IPv6.

Content-wise, I doubt we are going to see anything exclusive to IPv6 and even if there was, with 6to4/4to6 bridges would render that mostly moot.

I was not talking about TSI. Of course it is easier to provision v6 over a DSL network using PPPoE but the issue is ISPs enabling it period and that means going further than TSI has. Not all DSL networks use PPPoE. TSI is pretty disappointing in this regard so far.

The content does not have to be exclusive to IPv6. That is completely irrelevant. The vast majority will be dual-stack to start off with. It isn't moot either. Gateways like that result in worse performance, additional points of failure and having to invest in more hardware and at the scale they're working at the hardware is far from inexpensive. 6to4 is awful and needs to die a quick death.

said by InvalidError:

Technically, IPv6 was launched over 12 years ago and I have been using it for over three years myself. Its market adoption is definitely slow but it is far too late to talk about a "launch" of IPv6 itself since it has been included in every desktop and laptop sold since Windows Vista's launch.

As an open source developer I have been using it for 10 years now. By launch it is meant to be launched to the greater public. Simply shipping v6 capable OS, software, etc. does not magically result in all of this stuff actually being utilized.

There have been a lot of issues for why v6 hasn't gone anywhere from OS stacks, third-party app support, ISP / transit provider support and so on. But all areas are starting to hit a sweet spot. You don't need everyone and everything to support it but to hit a certain threshold.