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2Wire 2701HG-B - Use as gateway or other setting?

I am trying to pose my question properly because there may be a better solution to my problem. I have a wireless network/IP Cam and I am trying to run it through a powerful wireless router "O2 Storm" which is by RadioLabs and it doesn't come with much info on how to use it.

It appears as though for the 2Wire there are "Home Network" options that I am not familiar with. My instinct is to run in bridge mode but there are also "Public Routed Subinterface" and Public "Proxied Subnet (NAT/Routed)."

I have tried the standard procedures for establishing a bridge connection but I failed. I didn't give it a huge try because perhaps that's not the one I wanted anyway. I wouldn't mind letting the 2Wire hang onto more functions because this O2 Storm has no instructions and sketchy support. Perhaps I would feel satisfied if I could get a line out through the 2Wire just once.

Here is my mdc just in case it comes to that:

»www.diigo.com/item/image/2qahw/q ··· ahw/q5ju

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you explain how you want to use the 2wire
Can you explain how you want to use the 02 storm


Thank you for the reply. I am unsure on specifically how I want to use them. Ideally:

2wire is used as a bridge
O2 Storm is a router

PPPoE connection is ideally negotiated by the O2 Storm.
IP Camera is ported through and utilizes a DDNS server. The native IP Cam firmware tends to be loaded for dyndns.org so I have it set up.

I'm having difficulty understanding the different parlances both between the two machines and my own outdated, rusty networking knowledge.

Alternately, and hence the "open endedness" of the question in the first post, I will run a different network setup based on the 2wire functionality that I am not clear on. The 2wire appears to have its own agenda.

Also, I had set the IP Cam / network up as stated (2wire bridge, O2 storm router) but I could not get the ip cameras and computers to connect to the internet at the same time, and settings on the 2wire tend to change on their own depending on what is plugged in, how many resets and how they are performed, etc. Therefore, testing these configurations began to take an inordinate amount of time and get me nowhere.

If you want to use the 2wire as a second access point that can be done without bridging the 2wire

If you want to bridge the 2wire here's a faq that explains how to do that
Bridging the 2wire
The 2wire and the 02 storm use the same ip address so you should change the 2wire ip address before bridging
Use this ip address


Torrance, CA
reply to drewbot
Have these?

»www.radiolabs.com/downloads/manu ··· nual.pdf

»www.radiolabs.com/downloads/manu ··· %201.pdf


Thank you! I have not yet seen these resources. I'll see how far I get today.