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I posted eariler from work but even at a University as large as UNC Chapel Hill, we only have dual 10gig uplinks in diverse path and that is not even maxed out according to our director of networking. Even Universities might not have the total thoughput you would think. Anything larger then 10gig uplinks is expensive. BYW - Duke, UNC, and NC State are all Gig.U members and they are less than 20 miles distance between the three.


Brooklyn, NY
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Two major factors in NY's advantage.. MAJOR backbones of the internet run into the heart of NY state and fiber optics by the major telcos from NY tel, to bell atlantic to Verizon and the cable companies run fiber throughout the NY metro area.. This geography BLEED excess fiber optics, thus making a research university like Stony Brook high up on the list to get the tech toys.. even if they dont' fully utilize them. Maybe (residential campus computing) isn't 100gig (multiple 10's? since avg speed is 40mbits per user, not including wifi connections).. and the network is probably partitioned so that the Internet-2 connections are separate from the main network.. Where Stony Brook left off using these I2 pipes with Computer Science.. they pick up using it for the telemedicine and other applications.. they just don't heavily advertise that they have them because they are special purpose connections. They constantly do upgrades to the fiber optic signalling equipment to break new throughput records per strand and that story isn't told as much anymore. The average residential consumer won't probably see internet-2 speeds in their lifetime unless working under these conditions because the telecom industry are greedy, and conservative in their aproach to broadband deployment-- even Verizon and Google.