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Ann Arbor, MI
·Comcast Business..
reply to Melissa2009B

Business vs Residential

Personally, I think Comcast abuses their residential customers far more with usage caps and shortly overages, bi-annual price hikes, and so-so service.

Their business customers get no caps, faster and more responsive service (different techs too!), and business friendly services (exchange, sharepoint (1 domain included), Corporate AV), and no price changes for the contract duration. For 12/2 business pricing is lower by 5%, for faster tiers 25-50% more, but you get more extras (e.g 8 exchange mailboxes with 22/5).

As far as phone service, Comcast's offering is a little cheaper than the telcos, adding $30-$40 per line with flat rate domestic/canada calling. They use separate frequencies so it doesn't share bandwidth.

You'll have to call them to see if your number will port.

I've found zero problems with Comcast HSI (using business, as mentioned above) and VoIP. Just get a reliable provider. You can look at the ratings for VoIP on dslreports. There are lots of good ones, and I never hear break up with powerboost. With modest usage, I pay $10/mo for 2 lines. With an ATA (Linksys, Grandstream etc) sold by most of the providers you just plug in your phones , just like a phone line. Voice quality is better than a typical landline.

You can also port your number to google voice, or make outgoing calls on Skype for free. GV quality isn't the best (but it's free) but skype is super cheap ($30/yr) and sounds fantastic.

The third option is to port to a cell phone. Some of the cell companies use wifi (e.g. Tmobile) or have adaptors to improve your cell signal and/or add unlimited calling. Sound quality improves too