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reply to mlerner

Re: [TV] FibeTV (HPNA) + OTA on same coaxial?

said by mlerner:

I wonder why the manufacturer couldn't just use MoCA which is far superior..

Because the exceptionally high power consumption of the earlier MOCA chipsets kept MOCA from being included in low power, low cost telco IPTV STB's. By comparison, every IPTV STB deployed by AT&T, Bell, TELUS, etc, have an integrated low power HPNA 3.0 chipset (provided by CopperGate, which is now Sigma Designs).

The cable co's with much more expensive, higher power consuming STB's could afford the power requirements of MOCA chipsets, and hence went that route.

Either way its a moot point, G.hn chipsets come out this year and should support gigabit rates on coax or powerline. Since its actually standardized by the ITU-T, it'll probably kill HPNA and Moca in a few years. The next generation of STB's will hopefully have G.hn chipsets (Sigma Designs already has one) built in.