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Santa Monica, CA
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reply to 45612019

Re: What if?

said by 45612019:

I don't want to pay for schools or the military but I have to anyway.

They'll have to suck it up because they don't know what's good for them. FTTH is a vital piece of infrastructure for the modern world.

"Free" compulsory education is required by the courts, the military is mandated by the Constitution.

FTTH, I'm afraid, isn't on the list, and it isn't a "Vital piece of infrastructure for the modern world."

Oh sure, its nice to have. And I'm among the minority that are willing to pay the necessary premium for it - i.e. $5K install and $100+/month, but the majority isn't anywhere near as willing, and they certainly aren't going to be told to subsidize you.

The market *will* eventually grind these costs down substantially, where passes get below $1K and monthlies can get below $50, but rural folks aren't willing to pay even that.

As for being told to "suck it up", I don't think that's going to go over very well. Better to use the Jack Tramiel angle, and make the folks feel guilty that somehow, some way, little Johnny won't graduate preschool if he can't stream Netflix.