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Master Wolfe

Panama City, FL

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reply to Johkal

Panama City Beach FL

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Excellent, I've got 2 channels US as of this morning, in Panama City Beach FL on Performance Tier

Mod Note: See previous ---> »Panama City Beach, FL

Master Wolfe

Panama City, FL

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Side Note

I'm a tick confused re the mod note. I had lost the US bonding from the previous post as many of us had, and just got it back. Is that still considered a dupe post?

Runs from Clowns

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The mod edits are intended to cross reference related posts. This has been done numerous times throughout this topic when posts appear for an area which has already been linked in the first post.


»Clovis, CA
»Oakland, CA
»Valparaiso, IN
»Ukiah, CA
»Redwood Valley, CA
»Sacramento, CA
»Sacramento, CA

Duplicate posts are generally just deleted.

The cross referencing would not have been needed, however, had you found your original post and replied by clicking the small reply button at the bottom right on that post each time you wanted to make an update to your report. That way, from your original post and onward would have become a subtopic. Hence, cross referencing would not have been needed.

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