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This is a sub-selection from [Networking] Online Gaming on HughesNet

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reply to Doc Lithius

Re: Oooohhh check this out people!!

said by Doc Lithius:

Okay? What about it? I don't see what that thread has to do with Hughesnet specifically...

Ok if that ain't "big" news in ur opinion that involves satellite then how about this: »us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/ ··· 2?page=1

I'm sorry, but we aren't able to support satellite connections.

From Wildblue's site:


What is the impact of latency? Can I play real-time Internet games or make Internet phone calls on your service?
The WildBlue system is engineered to help offset the impact of latency, which is the delay caused by sending signals from the earth to the satellite and back again. However, there is a delay as the signal travels up to the satellite, back down to the gateway, up to the satellite and back down to your modem. For most applications this latency does not affect performance, however, there are some applications like voice over IP (telephone service delivered over the Internet, also known as VoIP), or real-time interactive gaming, where latency will have a noticeable effect on performance over the WildBlue network, as it would on any satellite-delivered service.
-Said by Omrakos (A Support Forum Agent for blizzard)

Now back to my previous post that had the thread, talking about accounts being hacked and such.. Yes i know this does nothing with satellite connection but it is something very serius. Say you have a blizzard account and all that with them just like me and you diablo3 activated through it, once you get a bunch of equipment and armour and etc on the game alone and you get hacked.. All your items in your inventory AND stash will be completely gone and be sold to the auction house through a hackers account.

Lemme make sure you have the picture and can see this clear.. Your out there defeating enemies and such and picking up very good and usable items and take all that back to your stash then a hacker comes along and takes all that and turns it all into money (making a huge profit from that) by selling it all in the auction house.. It don't end there, once he thinks he stole enough from you he will then try to sell your games product key for say $60 (thats the cost of diablo 3 right now)
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