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Yermo, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to tmc8080

Re: handwriting was on the wall..

said by tmc8080:

Not a peep when AT&T did this only a few short years after swallowing up Bell South.. huh?

The spectrum horse-trade is more ominous when you take the big picture into account... there is not just one piece that in and of itself is menacing to competition, but collectively if you take ALL of Verizon's recent anti-competitive actions and put them together....

let's start our list.. feel free to add if I missed something:

Verizon moves away from offering unlimited wireless data plans
Verizon begins MANDATING contracts for FIOS subscribers with an emphasis on selling only bundled services.
Verizon increases early termination fees across ALL services
Verizon changes language to raise taxes & fees in it's price-lock rates and to win any lawsuit or arbitration related to same
Verizon raises rates on wireless data
Verizon raises rates on FIOS services
Verizon raises rates on copper services
Verizon raises rates on wireless services and begins forced bundling / "FAMILY SHARED DATA PLANS"
Verizon changes terms of service in wireless to scale back handset subsidies
Verizon signs agreement with Comcast for sale of spectrum and agrees to not compete in each others markets (illegal, btw.. but you'd be surprised how much lipstick Verizon lawyers can manufacture when paid well enough to gussy up that pig)
Verizon neglects more copper plant networks and hints of more sales to bankrupt and failing Spin-Off companies... (AT&T chomping at the bit to do the same)

P.S. This is all a red herring until the next election cycle is over.. not a damned thing will be done about it until then at the minimum.

Agreed, I have My doubts anything will be done, Verizon thinks they can get away with whatever Verizon wants, so is it no surprise that Verizon is stating "it's our way or no internet"...