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Ashburn, VA
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Re: Go Dish

I say go for it. What other choice do consumers have? The media moguls should raise their rates, restrict streaming availability for subscription services, and include annoying ads and disruptive screen overlays. They should make it a costly nightmare for anyone who dares attempt to watch a program on TV. It's the only way we might ever see a legitimate change or create an atmosphere that might foster competition.

We don't have a dog in this fight as it stands. The back room deals are being made by the TV providers and the content creators, when they aren't one in the same. You and I have no choice other than to either go without any service at all or cater to whatever whims they feel like subjecting us to.

I say we toss a rock in the pool to make some ripples. I hope Dish wins, or the fight lasts long enough that it impacts the next round of negotiations. If we are lucky, perhaps the fighting will be bitter, long-lasting, and extremely costly with consequences that make noise in every corner of the country. I want the viewers to disappear in a cable TV exodus that destroys the existing model and allows something more modern and customer friendly to rise from the ashes.