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Re: Still rocking SB5100

You don't want to here it: "Your modem is the problem." "You'd get that speed if your modem quit dropping the packets." "It's an analog issue, not the speed of the modem. But a faster modem can make up for it."

I had one that wasn't even doing 256Kb downloads or staying connected for more than 10 minutes and then took it in and got another with the same firmware revision and model number. I got speeds of 15Mb+ when downloading and a rock-solid connection. Modems can die or misbehave due to analog (read:RF/radio) problems inside the black box.

The modem has a maximum rate that it can handle and this varies even among the exact same model and firmware. If a modem is capable of 5Mb/s on each channel and can handle 4 channels, then it'll get the promised 20Mb/s but just barely and maybe lost packets until dropped to 15Mb/s. A modem that can handle only 2 channels but 6Mb/s each will get only 12Mb/s downloads even though other modems with the same design will get anywhere from 8 to 20 as they age. Yes, radios get old and some are well beyond specs while others are just barely in.