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Stargate Universe fan

What's next, sue the writers of mythcommflag?

I've got news, TV execs: I don't always type "z" when mythfrontend tells me there's an ad. I actually do watch an ad now and then. And because the algorithm is imprecise, I have it show a couple of seconds before the ad ends, so I see the tail end. And sometimes that last couple of seconds is so compelling that I skip back to watch it.

Another poster touched on what might happen: using lower thirds. I would imagine the producers would hate this, as it detracts from what one would put in the video frame, maybe even obscuring what they'd like to put there. (So what would they do in response? Letterbox the lower third and write it into the distribution contract with the network that the upper two thirds are not alterable or you don't get a license to distribute the content? dunno.) Also think of the YouTube overlay, and ad intro ("you may skip this ad in 5...4...3...2..."). Just like the MythTV case, I may like what I see and not click "skip." Heck, ads are sometimes entertainment too, so I'll watch them.

(BTW, YouTube...thank you for making this extraordinarily easy to bypass by adding URL filtering in my HTTP proxy.)

Finally, consider leaning more on writers and producers. For example, it was written right into an episode of "Eureka," where Jo was driving around in a Subaru WRX, and started talking with Fargo about it (of course mentioning it by name). And of course, Fargo was so enamored with Jo's WRX he had to get one for himself. Y'know...how many times would we very plainly see Coke, Ritz, and other brands on "Seinfeld?" Even the MythBusters were doing something close to radio's live read for (I think it was) Toyota. Those who have heard of product placement before know this is no accident these items end up in frame. And it CAN work (but admittedly on a more subliminal level).
English is a difficult enough language to interpret correctly when its rules are followed, let alone when a writer chooses not to follow those rules.

Jeopardy! replies and randomcaps REALLY suck!