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This is a sub-selection from Still rocking SB5100

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Atlanta, GA
reply to Joe232

Re: Still rocking SB5100

said by Joe232 :

I think the point trying to be made is that your modem is the 400MHz Pentium II. It's the bottleneck. Most ISP's won't even allow them on higher-speed plans precisely because of your issue. Or they make you acknowledge that the older modem might not even be able to handle that speed stably. I don't mean to be mean but either the modem or the speed tier would be gone if it was me.

I'm not asking for one of the higher speed plans that requires a DOCSIS3 modem. I simply want the service I've had for several years now, that up until their "upgrade" worked just fine. Comcast continues to sell the 12/2 service and continues to tell me it only requires a DOCSIS2 modem, and continues to say that the SB5100 is a supported modem for the service level which I subscribe. If their service actually does require a DOCSIS3 modem, then they should inform me of that and stop lying about their service. Is it too much to ask for the company to be honest?
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