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reply to mjf

Re: [bug] Line Monitor Dynamic IP Not Updating

said by mjf:

DynSite is working for me. I haven't tested the other services.

I did have to update DynSite with my new password that I created to regain access to DSLR after the site crash event.

The other services that worked before should work now.

The problem is that yes, the other DDNS services should be working again, but they are not working.

In the line monitor graph shown above, the blank area to the left is the result of only using the DynDNS hostname (that hostname was properly assigned the correct IP address at the time). The crappy looking mess in the middle only appeared after I manually entered the IP address that was associated with the DynDNS hostname. The dropout was when the IP address changed (I manually had the router establish a new session both to see if I would get a better signal, and to see if the DSLR line monitor would detect the IP address change...I got a better signal, but the DSLR line monitor did not detect the IP address change). The cleaner signal to the right was when I once again had to manually enter the current IP address into the line monitor setup.

FWIW, the screen shot below shows how I have setup the DSLR line monitor for this particular circuit:

The area where the IP address is displayed used to be updated automatically when the line monitor would do a DNS lookup on the DynDNS hostname. Now however, I have to manually enter the current IP address, or the monitor does not work.

I have to use the DynDNS client that is built-in to this DSL router because it is located remotely in another building, and it has no PC's directly connected to it (so DYNSITE is not an option). It is strictly used as a WiFi hotspot (that I use only as a backup internet connection).
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New Orleans, LA

I have set up my router using the built in DynDNS.

I have inserted my IP from this DNS as ccccc.dlinkddns.com (free host name from DLink) in the DSLR line monitor setup. I will check back to see if it is working.

" "
New Orleans, LA

It does not work at all.

Let's see if I can get this on the priority list.

Thanks for your patience.