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reply to Melissa2009B

Re: [Speed] May have to switch to Comcast

said by Melissa2009B:

Thinking some more about this. I pulled the bills and we now pay $90 a mo for the home phone line and DSL from CenturyLink. So it sounds like we can replace all that with Comcast and come out ( after the 6 month into savings ) with about the same cost, BUT get the speed we need for streaming HDTV and movies. That would be WONDERFUL!

But being the greedy capitalist pig that I am, can the Comcast phone system also take the place of RingCentral? That could save us even more money. We currently shell out about $57 a month while working about 10 hours a week at our tiny home business, for Ring Central.

Why? Because we need simultaneous ring for the home and cell phones, that's the big one. If a customer calls and we don't pick up within 2-3 rings, they're gone, to someone else. We tried rolling over after 4 rings, from the home to the cell number and were losing customers, so we had to get Ring Central for simultaneous ring, and I can even go online and program the numbers it rings to. We also have an 800 number with them ( makes us look like a big company ), which we MUST keep if we leave them.

And we get fax to email, a separate 800 number for faxing that sends faxes to us in email as PDF's. But if Comcast could do all that, keep our 800 number, and bundle it for less money, maybe we could save some.

Anyone know?

Gosh, Comcast is sounding better and better as I converse with you guys here, I just hope it's real.

I think that the latest version of Comcast Digital Voice does do simultaneous ringing to multiple phones, but I don't have that service, so I can't verify that. It definitely does not have all of the other features that the RingCentral home office product provides. You can probably get an inbound toll free number assigned to CDV (from another party if Comcast doesn't do it directly), but RingCentral may not allow their number to be ported, so that might mean a new toll free number if you leave RingCentral. Several years back (when Vonage was losing copyright and patent infringement lawsuits to multiple telcos, and it seemed that they might be sued out of existence) I migrated my VoIP services to AT&T CallVantage, and I lost my toll free number and my fax number because Vonage would not allow them to be ported.

I currently use Vonage (again) for VoIP instead of CDV or RingCentral, but I do use RingCentral for faxing because I have found that the Vonage fax service is not always reliable over my Comcast connection (even though it used to work perfectly over my slower AT&T DSL connection). That reliability problem seems to be related to the firmware version in my SMCD3G gateway rather than the Comcast service itself. Test faxes that I have sent and received using Vonage with the current SMCD3G firmware seem to work OK, but I don't trust it enough to cancel my RingCentral fax service since Comcast can and does update modem firmware frequently.

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