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Always the green wire

Mount Juliet, TN

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reply to Melissa2009B

Re: [Speed] May have to switch to Comcast

What Pete was saying is don't get the Comcast Wireless Gateway - it is known to be less-than-stellar performance wise. Using YOUR OWN wireless router (no ethernet required) is perfectly OK; you just don't want the modem and router to be one unit. As far as the install fees, the $100 is if they install THEIR wireless gateway, which you DON'T want. They will NOT run ethernet anywhere, though they will give you 1 ethernet cable to plug in 1 computer next to the modem or to connect to your router, which will then provide the wireless signal to everything else. This isn't complicated really, but you may wind up having to learn a few things about networking you didn't have to know before - in the long run you'll have a network you can depend on, and hopefully save some bucks on your phone service as well. There are articles on basic networking and routers all over the internet you can peruse before making your final decision. If you are totally uncomfortable with this, find a computer-knowledgeable friend you can trust (or be prepared to pay a computer professional who comes highly recommended) who can hook all this up and get it running for you.

The good thing about getting a Comcast Digital Voice / Internet bundle is it will probably be cheaper if ordered together and you can try the CDV (they'll give you a new number) and see if you like it BEFORE you port your existing number and then cancel CenturyLink. (DO NOT cancel CenturyLink until your number is COMPLETELY ported - this can cause the porting to fail and you could lose your number)

You should be able to get great internet for your business AND entertainment needs, as well as far better phone service that does what you need, at some degree of savings; and you'll have a LOT more flexibility down the road when/if your needs change.


Denver, CO

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No, I set up this network here, myself. I'm just not so familiar with all the official terms. The difference between a gateway and a router, for example. They run the cable. At the cable ( if I dont want to rent ) I need a [....] and/or a [....] for wireless?

All I need to get right are the terms here ( and maybe the best models for me to buy? ), I know how to set the stuff up.

Just for some background on me, I have an ASET ( Associate in Science in Electronics Technology ), admittedly from 1969 which gives away my age and have held an advanced amateur radio license since then too.

So the big question is whether to let them set up the wireless for me first, then swap it out for better gear, or just get my own better gear to begin with.

Oh, and this house is about 80 feet from end to end, so if possible it would be nice to get a wireless unit with a little more power?

SO we need their cable run to the middle of the house ( I already have a shelf installed there, ready for this. ) Then we need one or two devices ( a [....] and/or a [....] ) to get from their cable to two of our Roku boxes wirelessly, and two of our PC's wirelessly, at full speed ahead.

And yes, I get excited about the prospect of totally dumping all services from CenturyLink ( which we refer to here, as "Banana Republic Phone Company ).

Update: I just called Comcast and added the phone service too, and the guy said that he didn't understand why people wouldn't think their wireless gizmo wouldn't be the best. he said I could google it - that it was rated #1 by PC Magazine, but he didn't know the model number. He said it's a wireless gateway modem, is the way he described it. Comments?