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This is a sub-selection from Stop carrying network channels


Manitowoc, WI
reply to Sammer

Re: Stop carrying network channels

said by Sammer:

said by nonamesleft:

Why do we need network trash channels on satellite? Dump them networks completely, most of the stuff on there is absolute rubbish anyways.

You may think so but the broadcast networks still have most of the highest rated shows. Dish is free to dump the broadcast stations as soon their retransmission consent agreements expire but is unlikely to do so. The subscription rates for both DirecTV and Dish skyrocketed after the law was changed to allow them to provide local broadcast channels. BTW it seems like some of the cable (satellite distributed) networks have more of the Paris Hilton, Kardashian style "reality" shows than you can shake a stick at.

Your right, cable is absolutely polluted too. We can all wish for a pick what you want for channels option, but it will never happen.