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Simi Valley, CA

[Network] Want to upgrade my wireless

Currently I have
A. 2-Wire 3801 used as modem and wired router
B. Netgear WNDR 3400 used for all wireless

I got the netgear because my IOS products were having difficulty connecting to the 2-wire. The Netgear has been working good until recently (random disconnects for both pc and IOS devices etc).

I was thinking of buying a Airport Extreme and replace the netgear. I would like a better signal downstairs (directly beneath location where I want extreme). My question is would the extreme do this for me or do I need to get the airport express also? How does the express connect?

As a side note I have both the netgear and 2-wire sitting on a metal filing cabinet. Would this interfere with signal?


Sacramento, CA
The Netgear and the Airport Extreme are both Simultaneous dual band, so I'm not sure that you will gain anything by getting the Airport Extreme alone. Before investing have you checked for what may be causing interference? For example that metal filing cabinet is probably reflecting your signal. If it was me I would try moving the router and then also check for wireless interference. iStumblr is really good for that.

If all that fails you can get the Airport Express (with the Airport Extreme) to extend your network or see if Netgear has a similar product. BTW, the Airport Express acts as a relay, NOT a booster. So you wouldn't put it downstairs where the problem is but use it to try and bypass whatever is blocking your signal. Setting up the Express to extend the Extreme's network is incredibly simple. During setup you just choose "Other Options" and choose to extend your network. The rest is done for you.

Oh one last thought. Wireless routers don't usually create an actual sphere. So, you might want to try mounting the router on the wall or something to see if that helps.

Allendale, NJ
reply to simiglen
I love my Air Port Extreme. Excellent Range through out my 2-story home.

Boothbay, ME
reply to simiglen
I use a Linksys E3000, I love it! Very solid. It hasn't been rebooted or self-rebooted in over 8 months. It replaces an old WRT54GL, and that self-rebooted every couple of days. And during heavy use, a few times a day.