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Canonsburg, PA
reply to Mele20

Re: I agree with the networks

said by Mele20:

After I got my HD TV last fall, I did not add digital cable as I detest those horrific, ugly, crap cable boxes and the fact I would be forced to use Oceanic TWC's remote control rather than my Samsung.

So, I simply watch the network channels in HD via clear qam. I hate the cable crap channels but I very much like ABC, CBS, NBC and Hawaii Public TV. I don't mind the ads at all. If they bore me, I simply go in the kitchen or to the bathroom, etc during them. But many commercials are quite entertaining and, by having commercials, I am able to have HD broadcast channels for free over Time Warner Cable. Where I live, TV, very unfortunately, is NOT available over the air. One MUST have either cable or dish..

The cable companies have already petitioned the FCC to allow them to encrypt the broadcast channels. It's supposed to reduce cable theft but it will really hurt people like you and the advertisers whose commercials you watch.