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Regarding your review

Hello Stephen

You opened an account with us on may 25th. On may 26th you opened one support ticket (which is your only support ticket, and which received a reply from our tech support in less than 10 minutes after you opened it on saturday afternoon).

We kept discussing with you about the issues you report (you mentioned you had issues too with other providers such a sipgate).

Now it is monday, 3 days after you opened the account, and you place a very negative review. As a BYOD provider we offer the support to help customer´s diagnose any issues happening on their side, we are sad to see your negative comments with your very limited (72 hours) experience with the service.

We do have the tools to diagnose any issues and in this case the issue does not seem in our side but in the configuration on your side.

We could run a live trace too to see what information we receive from your telephone, however if after 3 days you have given up on our service, then we wish you best of luck with your future provider, and hopefully you will show them more cooperation if you encounter an issue with them too.

Peter Sahui - VoIP.ms


Apache Junction, AZ
suppafly, I saw in the other reviews that you were also combative with them and tend to blame the customer for your problems there too. Your techs are responsive but were never any help since they don't seem to know anything about how a phone works. All they ever did was tell me to change the Outbound Proxy Server to zero which don't work and to try a different server like dallas instead of losangeles, which did nothing or use a softphone app. I suggest you watch your mouth and stop insulting customers if you want to stay in business.
Also, if they really do have tools to diagnose any issues then why don't they use them?
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