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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River

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If you had problems both with Sipgate and Voip.MS, it is likely that something in your own router or phone is to blame.

I have used Voip.MS with several different types of ATA's and also with a Gigaset A580IP phone, and never had the type of problems that you describe.

This is the experience of large numbers of people, as evidenced by the large majority of reviews. It's too bad that it couldn't work out for you.


As for CallCentric, your statement that they have "a lot of extra charges" is simply false.

The only difference between CallCentric and Voip.MS in terms of what fees are charged is that CallCentric follows the FCC and CRTC rules regarding 911 service for US and Canadian customers, while Voip.MS still somehow considers it optional. And if you have a CallCentric flat-rate outbound calling plan (500, 1000, or Unlimited) there is no separate 911 fee.

Both companies charge setup fees for new numbers, etc.

CallCentric does NOT charge the extra fees imposed by many other US providers, such as Federal USF fee, state and local tax fee (except NY tax for NY residents), regulatory compliance fee, or an intellectual property fee (Vonage has that one).


Honestly, if you dislike both Voip.MS and CallCentric, you will never be happy with any BYOD provider.
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Saint-Leonard, QC

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Re: Puzzling

I started using voip.ms a few months ago, and recently I ported my number to them. With a lot of patience and advice seeking, I moved from the level of complete ignorant in VOIP, to fairly informed user. Personally I managed to oil up my voip.ms service to be functional and satisfactory (porting my home number to them says something). However I could not stop noticing that the OP had posted reviews for a many telecomm services, and by scrolling through the overall ratings he gave (without reading the full reviews) I noticed all of these are negative. Without ignoring the possibility that the OP just had a ton of bad luck with all of them, I believe that some people are either not taking the time to make things work, or are simply hard to satisfy no matter what. Sorry but these are just my 2 cents.
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