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Re: Hopefully Maine will get DOCISIS 3.0 soon

said by swintec:

said by Crookshanks:

They make no effort (at least in my area) to ensure that backup power is available to their nodes and repeaters in the field. Nor could they provide a satisfactory answer for why they were unable to deploy generators even after the flood waters had receded;

Here, they have batteries for short term outages. I assume this is the same across Maine as I see the battery cabinets all around my travels.

They are not selling the phone service to be carrier class, to compete with Verizon (or any POTS service). Carrier class means 99.9%+ uptime. Under normal circumstances things work great but the reliability just isnt there for cable for them to try and achieve legit phone service.

Actually phone service from the telco is supposed to be 5-9 service.. 99.999% uptime. I was working for Lucent upgrading their main phone switch computer to a new model and we had to upgrade whole parts of the switch... The switch being redundant, allowed us to shutdown the redundant side and put the new stuff in... well my uncle and his supervisor were drunk and messed up the wiring, and when they cut over to the new stuff, the phone system for all of NW Indiana went down... this was a Friday night at 1am... no 911, many cell towers that had trunk lines to our main office were out... It took 6 hours to get it cut back over to the side of the equipment that had not been upgraded...

It didn't take long for the FCC to show up. It was a major issue and I kid you not, I swear money changed hands and the officially documented length of the outage was 20 minutes... so the Telco could claim they still had their five 9's capability...

This was back in 96-97 and DSL in that area was just coming out.. we were putting in special switches to handle DSL and ISDN and support for T1's, T3's and so on... There were a few large businesses that wanted OC-48's and those actually ate up a switch each.

If you ever have been in a telco office with switches, the batteries are the best thing to look at, they literally look like they are out of the 40's... -48VDC...