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Toronto, ON
reply to ssherwood

Re: [TV] FibeTV (HPNA) + OTA on same coaxial?

Just a small update - I have received the Holland SBD diplexers, and tested it out to see if the two signals could co-exist.

I'm happy to say that it works! After my brief test, I disconnected my antenna from the circuit as I haven't yet received my high pass filter, and want to avoid the signal leakage issue.

-- SS

Toronto, ON

Hello again all,

Just wanted to say that I've received my high-pass filter and installed it as I planned (in front of the diplexer), and all seems to work well. I have OTA and FibeTV (HPNA) running on the same coaxial cable to my TVs.

It was certainly an adventure trying to find an example of this being done by someone else online, but just in case someone else wonders the same thing, yes, it is possible.

The main things I learned from this project :

1) While OTA and HPNA frequencies don't overlap, your OTA antenna may receive frequencies in the 4-54Mhz range (HAM radio, Emergency Services etc.) in this range which will in turn interfere with your HPNA.
2) Specialized HPNA/CATV diplexers are required to help mitigate this.
3) Your Antenna can actually act as a transmitter, so FibeTV's HPNA signal can potentially be broadcast in turn interfering with HAM radio and other important emergency frequencies (signal leakage).
4) A high-pass filter, or other filtering device which stops signal leakage is required to prevent this potentially dangerous situation.

So there you have it. I've had my cables hooked up like this for the past several days and have both FibeTV (HPNA) and OTA (CATV) running to my three locations over the same shared RG6 to each site.

Mission accomplished!

-- SS



Good job!!