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Trabuco Canyon, CA

[CA] Modems, routers and access points (oh my?) - OC

Edited: You know what? I'm an idiot, most of this was answered in reply to my last thread and I just forgot. I apologize. My excuse is that moving is stressful! I'm still curious if adding phone service brings any additional complications to my setup, though.

Does Cox in Orange County by default give out combined router/modems, or just modems? I have a standalone router I like to use (a pfSense box, if you must know), and then to that I attach my wireless access points. On the other side, I want a regular cable modem (in bridge mode). Is this going to be difficult to get from Cox? Is there anything special I need to ask for or look out for? Does getting digital phone service from them make this more (or less) difficult?