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Tenafly, NJ
reply to rick0204

Re: All digital in Hidson County NJ

I saw that notice in my parents bill when I told them to get ready to need boxes on every tv. It also had the June date. I'm starting to wonder if they just put the same message in all of the bills to get people to go get boxes and not wait until the very last second?

When I showed the letter to the guy at the store, he was like, "thanks for coming early, it's going to get very busy here soon"... they also had hundreds of boxes on the shelves and stacked on the floor... they were freshly stocked.


North Bergen, NJ
You can get as many boxes as you want free for one year. It does not matter what is in your house currently. But you can not bring back boxes you are currently paying for if you already have free ones in the house. If you bring one back after installing the free ones then the one you bring back will be one of the free ones. It does not matter what box you actually bring back, you will just lose one of the free promos.


The boxes may be free, but do you still get hit with the additional outlet fee? Leave it to CV to make "free" = $1.50/month.


reply to rick0204
What if you bring back the payed ones before you get the free ones??? (jk)

I requested 4 new SD boxes, but they could only send me 3 without having an installer come out to my house (already have 2). So I settled for 3 for now and will probably get the 4th at some point in the future (then he will only have to install that one and I don't have to parade him all over the house hooking up boxes, although I assume he will still want to check levels on all the boxes). I also want to install them on my own time because it takes time to set them up with the DVRs and I want to do it when they are not recording anything.

Will these new SD boxes be the same as my existing ones (SA Explorer 4200)? Or at least use the same IR codes (the same old remote will work) for when programming my IR blaster?



Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
reply to aannoonn
said by aannoonn :

The boxes may be free, but do you still get hit with the additional outlet fee? Leave it to CV to make "free" = $1.50/month.

I know they changed it after they delayed LI's all digital in Suffolk County (by giving unlimited boxes free instead of a number based on how many you had), but if you had only one box prior to the free ones, they waive the premium outlet fee. If you had 0 or 2+, you had to pay the fee.