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Lone Wolf

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[Philly] Embarassed In Philly

Mitt Romney, Republican, came to Philly recently to meet with the famed Kenny Gamble and other community and school leaders in a local charter school to discuss the problems with Pennsylvania schools. The mayor of Philly, Michael Nutter, (we call him Nutty) and the DA Seth Williams, both Democrats, welcomed Romney with open arms and all the protocol due a nominee for the President of the US. NOT! These 2 city employees and total idiots stood outside the school with a bunch of protesters chanting how they love Obama. No hello, welcome to Philly, nice to see you here, good luck. Just screaming protesters carrying signs while on the city clock and the city payroll. A total disgrace! The video doesn't show them carrying on but you can see how disrepectful they are.

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Compare Nutty with Corey Booker, Democrat mayor of Newark, NJ who recently created a youtube sensation with Republican Governor Christie. Booker has more class in his pinkie finger than Nutty and Williams ever had. Philadelphia could learn a thing or two from Booker.

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Over The Hills And Far Away
Spring Hill, FL
Sadly, this is completely unsurprising. I expected nothing less.

A non

reply to Lone Wolf
Strange that Romney visited a charter school that is on warning from the state because the school hasn't made academic progress during the past two years.