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Blandford, MA

accessing my webserver over the internet. need help


I have a virtual machine running windows 2008 R2 and installed IIS on it. i want to make it available over the internet , not just local.

I have Netcomm NB6Plus4Wn modem/router. I tried to port forward by using Virtual server, port forwarded the port 80 from any external ip to local ip address which the webserver resides. in this case its .

but after that, i cant connect to my website by doing » .

i even changed the port to 8082 and i cant still connect.

is there any way to make this work on Netcomm NB6Plus4Wn?

should i assign the virtual machine of the webserver a public ip address in order to make it work? if so, how?



Mundelein, IL
Did you test it from outside your network?

It is normal/expected that you cannot reach services port forwarded from your public IP, when you yourself are behind your public IP

It's also possible your ISP is blocking ports 80, 8080 as your not the first person to try running a website from your home.

This site helps you check if the service is reachable from the outside: »