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Santa Rosa, CA
reply to jlivingood

Re: [BW Meter] The Meter is Gone?

said by jlivingood See Profile
Please refer to FAQs at » ··· ive-use/

We used to have a 250GB usage limit, which is no longer in force. We are evaluating alternatives, though the markets and timing have not yet been announced, and the specific details on each trial is TBA.
So in response to the topic of this thread, and what it says in the below,

Q. Will you continue to offer access to the data usage meter?
A. Yes.The Data Usage Meter is an easy and quick way for customers to track their Internet data usage. The primary account holder can find it by signing onto and logging into “My Account.” Then click on “Users and Settings,” look in the “My Devices” section (located toward the upper right hand of the screen), and click on “View Details.” From there, you can view your Data Usage Meter details page that shows your monthly data usage. We're working on ways to make the Data Usage Meter even easier to find and track.
I should still be seeing a usage meter on my "Users & Settings" page? Even though it disappeared a few days after the cap suspension was put in place, I should assume that it's something with my account and not related to the cap suspension?

Snohomish, WA
Yes you SHOULD still be able to see your meter.
However, occasionally even if you are correctly logged in it won't show up. (server busy or???)
Also the last day or so of the month it tends to disappear, which seems related to recording your monthly total.
So try again later, and if it still doesn't show after a few days then tell someone in the direct forum and they will reset it.