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Re: Your home deadbolt/locks are totally ineffective.

As a side note, a few months ago, I needed to replace the lockset for a friend who was afraid someone they knew had made a key to their mobile home. A trip to Lowe's, Home Depot, and a few other such stores revealed a rather interesting (and troubling) point: in each store, the several brands of locksets available were all keyed identically within brands on the shelves... that is, all the Schlages had the same key pattern across a particular style/color. Ditto for each of the other brands: Kwikset, etc. Meaning, everyone who bought a particular brand lockset off that same shelf within a given timeframe (until the lot-code was exhausted) would have the very same key... and in one "builder's" store, that meant every one of the 17 Schlage locksets on the shelf that I personally checked had exactly the same key pattern.

It makes me suspect that the "efficient" way these are now being made by most of the lock makers is to produce an entire run (or at least an entire lot-code) with exactly the same key pattern, then select another pattern for the next run. But, of course, when a lot-coded carton of locksets goes to a store, all the locks will be keyed the same. Apparently this doesn't seem to trouble anybody in the product loops, but I do know this is not how things used to be several years ago.
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That is correct, keen observation.

Worse, an entire region might have only '1000' total, over the entire history of the product line. So basically it means everyone purchasing them at Home Depot, for a solid year, all have the same keys unless they've had them rekeyed.

Smartkey is the latest rage, and you can see how silly and useless that is. A $9.00 tool off Ebay opens those in a second. These are complete garbage, and a DREAM for a govt. run amok that wants their ops inside of any home in America within seconds. The most nefarious part? Bumping, or Smartkey LOOKS like the guy already has a key, and is just a person 'checking on your home' that you asked to do it. They literally have a key, or what looks like a key, and spend a mere second outside your door. Nobody ever suspects a thing.. Smartkey units all have a cut little 'punched' icon, very small, right on the cylinder, so anyone doesn't really need to guess if you have one from the outside of your home.. How cool is that?

Raising public awareness of this is crucial IMO. The lock industry has been in bed with the cartels for too long, duping the public.