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reply to JoelC707

Re: [MoP] Head Enchants Removed

There must be a way to fix this. For me one of the many joys of raiding was the planning and preparation. It took money, time, effort, coordination and a plan to have a chance at the content you wanted to down. And it should….successful raiding is hard.

I think rep should be a component of high end raiding…..I also think attunements should also be an aspect as well. Remember old Naxx, MC??

I like the idea of having to clear certain content / accomplish some in game task before progressing to the next as a group. Doing the quest line for the keys to Kara as a guild was one of the best in game bonding moments I’ve experienced and is something I’m pretty proud of. When people talk about the good things of BC, I think tasks like this play a large part.

On the topic of LFR…I don’t look at LFR as actually raiding, per say. It’s a quick fix for the lockout debacle, while getting a portion of the player base to see what end game content actually looks like and sort of feels like.

BUT I’m not a real fan of skipping two Tiers of raiding (gear wise) to get that geared up so quickly. I agree this is a problem. Maybe they should have set the median gear score of the new heroics / LFR around 365 to preserver some integrity.


Aurora, CO

LFR gear should be lower quality than reg FL gear? 378 is only reg FL and 384 is really not all that much better. I could see the problem if LFR dropped 391 gear that was the same as H FL, but 378 for heroics and 384 from LFR isn't going to make your FL or DS achieves be diminished.

Not to mention if you're new to the game or are on a new server it isn't all that easy to find a guild or pug group to run you through bastion, throne and BWD, then on to FL to gear you up so you can run reg DS.



said by bTU:

I could see the problem if LFR dropped 391 gear that was the same as H FL, but 378 for heroics and 384 from LFR isn't going to make your FL or DS achieves be diminished.

I see your point, but I have recieved 390 gear in LFR. That's why I think it's a problem.

Edit to add: As far as low population servers, the community itself has come up with what I think is a fantastic solution. I’ve been using the OpenRaid website pretty regularly these days, and have no problem finding raids for everything from Vanilla raids to H Firelands content.

Evans, GA
reply to Arthritis

There will still be plenty of work that can be done on your gear in between raids. Just look at the daily quest grind (which will be gank-tastic on pvp realms) and the incremental upgrade of gear via VP idea.

As for LFR, I have a feeling (a hope) that since LFR will be involved from the beginning of the expansion, it will be better tuned. The issue with the current LFR/DS is the total shift in raid design from T11, T12, and finally LFR/DS. T11 and T12 were great raiding tiers... for raiders. LFR allows non raiders a taste of the glory... see what it tastes like! (Nacho Libre). DS is balanced well to accommodate LFR players to get the first 2 bosses down relatively easily... the next 2 required slightly better coordination... and the final 4 require gear and discipline.
Immergruen (resto/kitty) on Nathrezim Server (US)
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I'd rather hang out with friends and collect gear, mounts, and achievements that don't require me to beat up on the weaker kid.


Aurora, CO
reply to Arthritis

The 390 gear is from the DW fights, in reg the DW gear is 403(ish?) instead of 397.


Saint Louis, MO
reply to Skittles_t

said by Skittles_t:

Thank goodness, it's about time.

Fuck you Deepholm

Big +1 here
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