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This is a sub-selection from Just a question

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Phoenix, AZ
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Re: Just a question

said by 88615298:

It obvious people wish commercials would just go away. Ok so then how do shows get made? Are networks in the business to provide free entertainment for the masses just to be nice? I'm asking a serious question so serious replies only. People don't get is if they did away with commercials you TV bill would be 5 times than it is now. Shit is going to get paid for one way or another the sooner people get this concept the better.

If there was no FF on provider dvr's, i bet there'd be only a fraction of the people paying for dvr's.

and this is no different than what hopper does but hopper only does it 3 hours out of the 24 hour day and ONLY on fox, abc, cbs, nbc and NOT the same day they air!!1

how many products i've bought based on a ad i saw on TV: 0