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Carlisle, PA

ABB for Sale?

In case anyone hasn't seen it, ABB is looking for a buyer:
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What does this mean for us?

From my perspective, potentially a big name cable company coming in (Comcast, TWC, etc.), and if so, probably bandwidth limitations/caps. However, also potentially faster speeds (way down the road).



If you look at ABB's territories, they're all adjacent to major Comcast areas. Especially yours (Altoona/Johnstown) and mine (Cumberland). The Eastern Shore system is surrounded by Comcast, and the South Carolina system isn't far from them either.

To Xfinity and beyond we're headed, I think. While that will mean caps, at least it seems Comcast is becoming more reasonable. 300GB is a lot of data, and they're not going to shut people off. And some of the trials may have tiered plans so the Blast/Extreme 50/105 tiers may have higher caps than that. If they have 500GB on Blast and 1TB on Extreme, I really don't think it will much matter, even if there are overage fees.

For the TV end of it, I think no matter who buys us we'll be better off. There's tons of stuff that ABB doesn't have that I'd love to be able to watch, and especially with Comcast, it means vastly increased On Demand offerings, a digital transition and a lot more HD channels. We'll get Comcast SportsNet DC back here locally, which ABB dropped 4 years ago that we're in-market for.

Also, if we end up with Comcast, we at least know we won't get sold again. The PVTV to TCI to Cablecomm to Charter to Atlantic Broadband to ? path we've been on has been interesting.


Miami Beach, FL
Interesting news. I moved from a Comcast territory to ABB territory last Fall. I was always very satisfied with my Comcast internet performance compared to my "rated" speed. ABB has been a bit more hit and miss. Also, as a bit of a technology / networking geek, I've been following Comcast's ipv6 deployments with interest, whereas I doubt ABB is close to actual deployments. A Comcast purchase could be a good thing all around.


Scarborough, ON

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reply to ScrawnyB
Canada's Cogeco Cable is purchasing ABB for $1.36 billion.

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