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Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH

As long as political ads air, I want a way to skip them.

I get enough lies from the news everyday, hence when the political ads air, I like to skip them. As I find them nothing but lies anyhow.

The networks need to look at how hard people are fighting for dish and take a clue from this.

Currently I get exposed to 17 minutes of advertising per hour long show. Should I not be getting paid for bbeing exposed to products I have no interest in?
Female hygiene products? Not for.
Female hair/make up products, again not for me.
What I'd like to see is for the networks to work with Dish and the others to come up with a way to "target" the viewer.
On Roku i watch Crackle. Every so often an ad pops up. On top of the ad is a question" Is this ad relevant to you?" Yes or No.
I have found the more I hit yes, the more I see ads that are directed towards my likes. If I don't like a product [tampons] I'll hit no. Hit no enough times, and that ad and those types of products seem to go away.
Why can't they have "intelligent" ads like that.
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