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Re: Just a question

Who said anything about removing the commercials completely. All people want to do is skip them, which is what all of us do anyway other than when it is the super bowl.

Bottom line is there is limited options.

Option 1. Create better ads that make we want to watch them. I know interactive ads have failed, but try again.

Option 2. Advertisers need to stop repeating the same ads again and again. Change it up.

Option 3. Content providers seperate their programming from Dish and get selective about who they provide there programming too.

Option 4. Dish Networks gets into the business of providing good content by a merger or independently to compete and eliminate the existing hold content providers have over these shows.

Option 5. Torrents take over the world and every program is free. LOL

Option 6. Youtube and sites like it make a giant leap of faith and start slinging there user generated content around, eventually eroding the strangle hold existing content providers have over us.

Did I miss anything ???????????!!!