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Thorpe 2

reply to Chele

Re: Meraki for ad based wifi in small town + business plan

Thanks ,

Ok if the system is in place, all I do is provide the connection. So my main concern will be primarily bandwidth,correct?

I will not be the one handling the mesh or Ap. on provide service to the city.

Read my last post for newest info


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Then you are at their mercy relying on them and you are not aware of how well or quick they will handle their problems or how well their network will work and it is out of your hands if there are some problems. There is good and bad in not having control of the radios.

Carpe Diem
Winchester, CA
reply to Thorpe
The city is not going to go for you having "control" of thier splash page. They are not going to want ad's for who knows what on their splash page.

I know I would not want that because you are offering them reduced rate internet? The city will most likely be able to get their own internet from an ISP cheaper then you would, as they are a municipality and most the time places such as Time warner, level 3 etc offer reduced rates.
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