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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to rody_44

Re: HBO GO not available from Comcast?

said by rody_44:

I think i have it now. I have a roku but i dont subscribe to hbo. Or i think i understand. I just couldnt understand why i wouldnt be able to get hbo on either if i subscribed to hbo. If i understand correctly its a cable card thing. I dont subscribe to hbo but i often use hbogo under my brothers account on my computer which is thru comcast. I use the shit out of my roku but not for hbo.

No, it has nothing to do with cable card. Say you sign up for HBO from Comcast, you have a login from Comcast for your normal account. Now if you want to use HBO Go you simply use your Comcast login on HBO Go website and they will authorize you based on your Comcast account having HBO Go. Now as for Roku, Samsung Smart TVs and Xbox 360 they require activation via the HBO Go website:


The problem like I said before is that the Roku and Samsung Smart TV are both not on Comcast's approved list of devices that can use HBO Go, even-though most other carriers allow use of them.

Also HBO Go will only authorize so many computers or devices. EG: If you shared your brothers HBO Go account with others on the net you would be blocked fairly quickly but if you used a mix of your Android phone, Xbox 360, PC streaming, etc would be considered normal usage.

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