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Kanata, ON
reply to taytong888

Re: [Cable] Frequent disconnects

If you google the common error log entry that causes this you'll find dozens of threads from every cable provider in North America with every cable modem.

While your point is valid, I've had wireless routers overheat before (in fact it was a Netgear wifi router) I don't believe this is a modem issue. Techs at Rogers don't believe it's a modem issue, since they are sending a line tech to my house/area on Tuesday. This is a RF issue between my house and the cmts.

Here's a good read that clarified the possible scenarios to me:


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Toronto, ON

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Re: [Cable] Understanding Modem Logs

said by webfors:

Here's a good read that clarified the possible scenarios to me:

You can also glean a little more information reading Cisco CMTS documents system messages docwiki online.

I read enough to understand how they 'communicate' and 'interact' with the cable modem's. Since then, I don't feel too stressed over it like when the modem logs are peppered with T3's and T4's and seemingly arcane codes like D106.0, R02.0, T05.0.

After a while you start to grasp how it works and kind of understand why sometimes the engineer guy on the other end doesn't get too concerned when people come screaming about an abundance of modem logs that make it look like something bad happened. We are after all, not Cisco engineers, so this foreign stuff looks intimidating to the uninitiated.

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