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[Rant] Patience - all we need is a little...

Seriously, just a tiny amount. With everything. With each other. With life.

Example: I direct someone to mozilla.org for Firefox and say to click 'download.' Within 1 seconds of arriving at the page "so that's it? I've got it?"

Come on. Give me a second to reply, and continue to assist. This is 2012, and yes, everything is faster, faster, faster, but not everything is 100% instantaneous, including me. I'm a human. I'm not perfect. Neither are you.

My request to humanity: Stop rushing *everything*
It doesn't help anyone, unless a life actually depends on it, and in most cases, you only "get ahead of yourself" and nothing good comes of it.

Sure, I'm just as guilty. I realize this. I still try to calm down and take a step back, and think to myself that often times, there is really no rush for some things.

Drivers who constantly tailgate people should also take note - it's not cool. If you aren't going to pass someone shortly, then get back a ways. It's a jerk move to get right up on somebody for going slightly slower than you would prefer to be moving. You'll get there. If 5-10 minutes are that valuable, you should've left earlier for your destination. I could rant for quite some time on this topic.

Perhaps a bumper sticker that I've seen on the topic sums it up, and can also apply to patience in general: "If you're not a tattoo, get off my ass!"

/end rant.
..Oh, and get off my lawn!

NW Minnesota
Yes, our gotta-have-it-immediately society has long forgotten patience. For those of us who still exercise patience, watching those who don't (can't?) can be very laughable. As for those who lack patience pushing me when they need help....ah, no. Here again; laughable. After all, it's not my crap that's broken. Don't like my timeliness? No problem! Simply go find someone who cares or become a paying customer. OTOH, I'll bend over backwards for anyone who's polite and reasonable.