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Littleton, CO
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Re: How Far out

I think they would prefer to hook you into LTE and charge you up the yingyang for data overages. Their $$$/margins is in wireless these days, and I know they don't give a hoot about wired line service. Even B2B, their margins are disappearing as companies like Level3, XO, etc, are lowering their pricing on new circuits week by week. They are practically giving away T1s and DSE3s these days. The general assumption in the industry is that bandwidth prices will continue to fall to zero, and the money/profits are in the services (network security, cloud, etc). Take a look at the sale price of Pacnet last week - they practically gave the company away. The company is flush with fiber and underwater cables - and nobody saw any value to it. They lacked the services vertical. It is a shame this hasn't translated into residential - but their isn't any competition to the home. So consumers are seeing prices go up, while businesses are seeing record low pricing.


Toledo, OH

and doing wireless would be better for the company and the customer. Why spend all that money maintaining an aging network and building and building and not actually get anyone?

Wireless would be the best thing over FTTH in the rural areas where your closest neighbor is 1+ mile away and you're 10 street miles from the CO- can you even imagine how far you are in wire miles? It would not be cost affective.