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Bloom County

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Wasn't there a story earlier this week talking about

how AT&T was forcing users off DSL to U-Verse? This seems to be the exact opposite to me.... Which one to believe????

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Yes, it is known that T is forcing aDSL users to U-Verse if it is available to those customers. It's a great way to get rid of the CLECs and the 3rd party ISPs. Especially since they do not have access to the next-gen networks.

I also don't see at&t spending money ou in BFE to deply DSL when it hasn't been available at all. Especially when its not going to work for them in terms of ROI or even building out the network. They'd be better off deploying a fixed wireless solution.


Columbus, OH
reply to CylonRed
More then likely the plan is to migrate those in u-verse avail wirecenters to IPDSLAM/U-verse to retire the aDSL hardware, and then to save on cap ex truck that decomissioned gear to rual non-dsl wirecenters if there is sufficent parts able to be sourced, while rely old aDSL hardware gets scraped.

That plan actualy makes economical sence, start earning higher returns on u-verse upgrades by getting aDSL'ers on it, and recoup some value from that old aDSL hardware by offering DSL to underserved rual areas, possily with the Fed kicking them some cash to offset the integration costs to move the hardware out there.