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STC is another lame blog to start off with-

but the customer should have asked about speeds. It can NOT be frontier's fault if the customer did NOT ask what he was getting in terms for his savings.

Also it is Frontier's right to charge the modem rental fee. And charge you to support a modem you use. They could be nice and say "sorry, that's not our modem, so we don't support it, your line is working from what we can see so that would need a truck roll for $XXX.XXX. That's what happens when you own your own equipment.


Cortland, NY
Since ADSL and ADSL 2+ are IEEE standards it should be irrelevant what modem you use. My modems are generally better than the crap Westell's they want you to use.

I swapped a Westell 327w out with a nice Checkpoint box and life was just fine....better in fact since Frontier can't mess with the settings on my side anymore.


You can get your speed back if you changed from the Verizon package to the new HSI Max that Frontier has. It will take you going to the escalations department to get it fixed though. I actually had my speed doubled by going this route.


Toledo, OH
reply to bn1221
And the standards are moot point. A Mot cable modem has the same CableLabs certification as Cisco/Linksys but if you elect to use your own- linksys modem- over a Mot modem from the cable provider- you don't get support either.

So yes- they can decide if they wish to support it or not- and their right.