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Broadcasters revamp your business models

We pay for the content connection (cable, satellite, DSL, etc.)
We pay for the content retransmission (cable, satellite, netflix, hulu+, etc.)
We pay for the content package (basic, premium, pay-per-view, etc.)
We pay for the equipment (rental, lease, purchase of modem, sat-receiver, cable-receiver, etc.)
We pay for the wiring (cable, satellite in each room, etc.)
We pay fees (taxes, etc.) on the wiring and the connections
We pay for the viewing system (television, iPad, computer, Xbox, etc.)

You and I are not the broadcasters customers, companies buying their ad time are. This is a business model problem. We pay so very much to watch their shows, enough is enough.

How about with all the things we the viewer end up paying for, the broadcasters pay a portion of our out of pocket expenses each month.