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Saint John, NB

[Firmware] Belkin N600 router no longer functional after Firmwar


A little while ago, I received a prompt to upgrade the firmware of my Belkin N600 router. I did, it installed, everything seemed to be going okay. I waited for it to finish.

After appearing to be finished, it would not connect to the router. So I restarted my computer. No luck.
I tried re-installing the software from the CD. No luck.
I tried holding down the reset button on the back for 10 seconds. No luck.

What should I do? Does anyone have any suggestions? I can't seem to find any helpful links on their website.

Thank you,


Cookeville, TN

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Re: [Firmware] Belkin N600 router no longer functional after Fir

Try assigning a wired (no wireless) PC a fixed IP address of and see if your router will respond with a ping to address Standard netmask of and either leave the gateway at all zero's or give it

Seems some Belkins revert to the address if the firmware reloads go bad.

Some do not ping for very long after a power reset (small time window for doing any fixes). You can try powering off the router, then in a command window (also known a DOS command window) issue the command of

ping -n 99

That is a space before and after the -n
Once you start that command on the PC power on the router and see if it starts responding to the pings after it powers up. Yes many will fail at the beginning but if any start responding after a minute or two of being powered on you have a chance of fixing the router.

If it does respond to the ping test you might be able to do the firmware upgrade again while the router is responding to the pings.

You might need to set up the upgrade prior to powering on the router and activate it at the first responding ping.

If none of the above gets the router to respond to the pings you might be out of luck.

There may be other methods of fixing things but they would require special cabling and such going directly to the router's circuit board.

A Google search for unbrick Belkin or unbrick Belkin N600 might get you more information, especially from people running dd-wrt firmware on the same or similar router.

The people who use the 3rd party firmware like dd-wrt or tomato usually have had more experience with a router bricking (of just about any brand) after a firmware upgrade so they have more info/practice on how to unbrick them.

bricked - a router that has become a doorstop or bookend.
unbricked - a router that is once again working as expected.