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Vancouver, BC
reply to the cerberus

Re: [Cable] TekSavvy Won't Register My SB6121

said by the cerberus:

said by decx:

said by the cerberus:

I dont understand what you are saying here decx, the SB6121 IS SUPPORTED.
Its not like something magical happens when they flash, the only problem firmware was on SB6120.
Techs at TSI wont be able to tell, only rogers, and again TSI sold SB6121's with on them that are running it to this day.
In that time where there was no specific firmware requirement others probably got SB6121's from new egg activated on there as well.
So many users are in the same boat, AND most of them probably dont even know what firmware version they are running.

Yes the physical modem is supported, but the firmware it's running on isn't. Unless Rogers is willing to start pushing firmware updates again, the modem will stay at the unsupported firmware version.

But thats like EVERY other SB6121 on Teksavvy!!
Like I said, Rogers hasnt pushed out the update to ANY SB6121, they are ALL running some version less than that.

Yes, but guess what's going to happen when Rogers is asked to troubleshoot a line problem with a SB6121 running If the OP still can return the modem he might as well ensure that he save himself some grief should his problems arise with his line later on.

the cerberus

Richmond Hill, ON

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The same thing thats going to happen to every other customer with a SB6121, rogers has the ability to flash this modem to if they want to. they havent!

Seriously, when they had no firmware requirement, most users who signed up for teksavvy cable with a SB6121 didnt even know what firmware they have, and likely have never checked, simply because it wasnt a thing to do at the time. the attitude was dont update firmware unless its broken.
Rogers pushed the only broken firmware to the SB6120, and then reconciled their own problem with, nothing was ever pushed to the SB6121.
TekSavvy isnt going to leave all those customers without support!