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Re: Your home deadbolt/locks are totally ineffective.

Weekday... typical empty suburban neighborhood... owner gone... woodframe house... vinyl siding... one portable Sawzall, a sharp blade, and they're in through a hole cut through a wall. No bump keys, picks, or slide-hammer pullers required... and the lock style or brand doesn't matter a bit, even window bars won't work, nor will the typical entry-point alarm systems. Show up in a white tradesman van, and anybody who still might drive by will think you're a repairman.

The truth is that if somebody wants to break into an unoccupied home, they can - and they do, daily. All the barriers and locks that are erected are merely discouragements to try to send "them" on down the road to lower-hanging fruit. But they don't always work against someone more determined. Just something to keep one's perspective in this very insecure world...
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said by Blackbird:

The truth is that if somebody wants to break into an unoccupied home, they can - and they do, daily.

I came to the same conclusion when shopping for new locks when we last moved. I could buy very good locks, but somebody could still get in by smashing a window. I settled for having the existing Schlage locks rekeyed with a custom 6-pin combination from a locksmith that would be difficult to bump. I took the cylinders to the locksmith and had it done for $11 per cylinder which was much cheaper than new locks.

Also every house I've bought had different keys for every door - which drives me crazy.