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Calgary, AB

Looking for the WRT54GL equivalent of gbit wireless routers

I've been using an SMC Modem/Router/Wireless AP all-in-one unit for a few months now and I'm not happy with the limited configuration options through the web GUI.

What I'd like to do is get Shaw to put the SMC modem/router into bridged mode and buy a wireless router that can handle 50Mbps internet. In previous years I've had a lot of good experience with an old WRT56GL running DD-WRT, I'm looking for the 2012 equivalent of that now. Obviously I can't use my WRT54GL because the WAN port doesn't support 50Mbps.

I've been looking at routers like the Asus RT-N56U and the Linksys E4200 v2.

Do you have any recommendations?

Calgary, AB
I would look at the RT-N66U or RT-N16 it will run DD-WRT if you don't like the Asus software,

The RT-N66U has 600MHz 256MB RAM 32MB Flash
The RT-N16 520MHz (480MHz actual) 128MB RAM 32MB Flash
The Asus RT-N56U 500MHz 128MB RAM 8MB Flash and will not run DD-WRT.

Linksys E4200 533Mhz 64MB RAM 16MB Flash will run DD-WRT
Linksys E4200 1.2GHz 128MB RAM 128MB Flash will not run DD-WRT
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Calgary, AB
reply to jonc101
I have found the Netgear WNR-3500L to be the most stable gigabit router running dd-wrt. Although its wireless performance is not the greatest.

I've had two Asus RTN-16's and both completely lost their brains and went to defaults out of the blue after about a year of operation. Not sure if these were isolated to something in my configuration or not but I won't try one again.

I would serach the dd-wrt forums if you havent already. I'm sure this question gets asked a lot there.


Richmond, BC
reply to jonc101
Netgear's next-gen to the 3700 is the WNDR-3800 which they call an "open router" and have dd-wrt and tomato firmware for it. But yes, the wifi does suck - if you're happy with the WRT's WiFi, you can use that for WiFi and use the 3800 as a pure router.

If you want to go top of the line, the WNDR-4500 is it. It's clocked around 700Mbps routing (yes, software packet routing of a better part of a gigabit). Which should let you do BB250 and then some.

I know the 4500 can be had under $200 with tax at future shop - usually it's $150-170 or so.


Nepean, ON
reply to jonc101
I'm using a Linksys E3000 with the Toastman version of Tomato firmware, and it is rock solid. GbE on the WAN and 4 LAN ports. Simultaneous 2.4 and 5 GHz radios.

Now that it is discontinued, you can find them for under $70; they originally sold for $170.

I had DD-WRT on it before and while it worked fine, I prefer Tomato.


Scarborough, ME
reply to jonc101
I just set up one of these. The native menu is quite good, but even the MFG says dd-wrt is ok on their website.
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Vancouver, BC
reply to jonc101
The only problem with the E3000 is throughput. It's not quite up to BB250.

If you're looking only at BB50 or 100 it will suffice.