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Racine, WI
reply to cl0ckw0rk

Re: TWC Says Prices in Article Are Wrong

Yeah, I think I got the 30/5 for only $19.95 because of my bundle. I pay > $210.00 monthly for everything. Now this seems to be expensive, but I have 2 Explorer 8300HDC DVR's, and 1 normal box. I also have the Docsis 3 modem, and TWC installed a signal repeater/amplifier on the main input line, in my basement. I don't have ANY "caps" on my usage. I get consistently good speed tests of 30.76 download speed, and 5.03 upload. I don't use their modem for wireless. I have 2 Linksys routers that I use throughout my 3 story house for the wireless.

The one, and only problem I encounter, is with the Explorer DVR. While taping 1 program, if I want to watch another program I have taped, the Fast Forward/Rewind buttons are finicky. They don't always respond to the commands, and then suddenly they do. I have a feeling it's due to the crappy drive on the DVR, and the drive speed.

I've tried other "providers" and they didn't, well.... PROVIDE!

For me, TWC is the best solution in my area. FIOS ain't an option at my address.