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AT&T U verse smoke n mirrors act

I had AT&T 6M dsl. I called and ordered the upgrade to U verse internet. FIRST, I was told it would require tech to run a cable into my house (Lie number 1).
I was then told I could get 18M U verse speed (Lie number 2).
I was also told that because of the cable my internet speed would be more solid than standard dsl (Lie number 3)
The tech arrived on the install date. I told him about the need for the cable per the phone rep instructions. He looked at me as if I were crazy and held up a small box with the U verse modem and necessary phone line, filters, and modem poower cord and said that was all I needed. The tech mainly stood there while I did the install myself. All he really needed to do was go to the local AT&T location and open up the U verse link to my modem.
What floored me again is when he told me he'd been doing these installs in my area for 2 years now and that the best speed anyone got was 12M and nothing faster.
I am now in the process of getting the tech install charged removed from my bill. I also had to have my package lowered to the 12M arena. AT&T is the BEST place to go for misinformation and smoke n mirrors, and to make the AT&T fat cats fatter from your wallet to their bank account


San Jose, CA

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he tech mainly stood there while I did the install myself.

Yeah right... What else in this story? He took off clothes and stood naked while he watched you install.

Its correct that self-install has max available speed 12. Faster speeds require running new line from the box to your modem so they require professional installation. If I were you, I'd call att while he was still there and verified he got orders to install line for 18mb package. And there is always a charge with pro installation. You should have gotten at minimum also TV since you had pro install which you could cancel by the end of first 30 days and return box so this would have had gotten you installation charges waived. You'd only pay for activation fee and first month of tv package.