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Kabama Wekes


Distributel- Provision waiting time?

We moved a week ago to our new house. We first called Distributel to install THEN call Rogers. When we called Rogers they said that they cannot install if Distributel comes there first. So, we cancel the schedule for installation and wait for Rogers to come. We believe a technician came to the house this weekend around 2-5 because Distributel first called us but we missed the call. Also we called them again the same day and told us that a tech did come. We plugged in the modem and it shows that it is working. But we kept on getting a "Rogers- Modem not authorized" webpage. So we called Distributel and they said that they will inform the carrier to provision it (along those lines). The Customer Support told me to wait till midnight for the internet to be fully functioning. We woke up this morning and saw that it is not.

We called them again and they told us they will inform the carrier to provision it.( along those lines, sorry the man was not clear and it was hard for me to hear him). So they told me that another man will call in a couple of hours to inform me. I called at 11 and it is not 8. I was just wondering if this is a normal waiting time for this type of situation and also if anyone else got into this situation as well.

p.s. When we first moved the landlord had a bell internet through a phone jack. He told us that it will be done by June 11th and we are free to use it. Could that be a problem concerning the Distributel situation?

Thank you