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Why bother?
Houston, TX
reply to RR Conductor

Re: [video] GeekSquad Got Caught Scamming

said by RR Conductor:

That's not true, and is kinda insulting to the many who do go to school in an attempt to better themselves.

Okay, for a newbie who knows nothing about computers getting a degree or cert might help. But no amount of degrees or certs can come close to hands on experience.
I work and have worked with many 'technicians' who have degrees and/or certs and they still can't tell a hard drive from a memory stick.
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Brooklyn, NY
reply to KeepOnRockin
said by KeepOnRockin:

It's like used car salesmen and car mechanics. You have to be aware of what tricks will be pulled to make sure you are not sold something you don't need or something for an unreasonable price.

Unfortunately, with computers; a lot of people don't know. They'll just believe what is told to them and pay it.

Nice parallel, and that's exactly what it is. Any kind of repair businesses, be it cars, computers or something else are based on the fact that there is a ton of people out there who don't know or cannot fix things on their own, and hence need someone else to do it for them.

Obviously, there are people out there who know their way around cars, some of them have their own garages, only buy parts and do their own labor, saving a ton on repairs. Similarly, when it comes to computers, I don't think that the majority of people on this site need to use Geek Squad or anything like it.

It also boils down to honesty of the people who are you are dealing with, and both good and bad apples exist both among car mechanics and computer repair guys. For example, a Toyota dealer once tried to charge me $150 to replace a filter that costs $20 at their own parts store and takes 2 minutes to swap out. On the other hand, I once asked a mechanic at one of mom-and-pop shops, who showed me where the filter is and how to replace it. Similarly, when the reporters in the video above took their computer to a local repair shop, he found a problem pretty quickly and re-attached that IDE cable free of charge. At the same time, Geek Squad kept making stuff up as they went along trying to get them to pay for something they did not need.
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Oconto, WI
reply to 47717768
They have done the same thing in my industry to catch dirty HVAC technicians. Local TV channels or whoever will schedule service for a failed cooling system. They will unplug the compressor and see what the tech does. They've caught some techs trying to sell them a whole new system over it.